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One of my tracks is featured in this commerical "sendthemtocanada" - a 2010 olympic documentary!

The credit for the music is “Candian KP Remix” hahah, just WOW!


"Hey World. Be sure to read this week’s SN&R and read the review of the SEMF:
The Sacramento Eelctronic Music Festival was organzied and ran by Sacramento’s own artistic enthusiast and long-time friend of mine, Adam Saake. The bands and artists who made the bill were also heavily involved in the organization and promotion of the SEMF, making the event such a success. In fact, the SEMF was so successful that it sold out two out of the three nights and the city is already buzzing about next years’ 2nd anual event. Stay in touch with the events following the SEMF and hear what’s next by tuning into!"

Kevin Pooler (via sacelectronicafest)

Here is the most current montage of my original compositions (a.k.a my demo). Really hope you enjoy! Guitar in begining performed by Gary Fernandez. String arrangments, synth performance, mixing and editing by Kevin Pooler.

"Hear me out (or can you not because the music is too loud)"

Today was the first day of snow this year in Toronto. I compiled and performed this piece in University a few years back. Couldn’t have found a more appropriate time to upload than today. “Seasons of Change”